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Health, Life & Retirement.

At Remington Insurance we work for you, the client, to find the best insurance solutions. We develop long-term retirement plans, navigate complicated Medicare options, and provide life insurance solutions.


Customizing your insurance is simple with Remington Insurance. That’s because our specialized agents are experts at creating choices for your specific needs, which means less paperwork for you. We have been providing insurance services for the residents of Maine, New Hampshire, Florida, and Vermont for over 20 years.


Contact us today and let us connect you with the best insurance coverage available, with customer service to match. 

(207) 303-7035

  • Health Insurance

  • Dental & Vision

  • Life insurance 

  • Medicare Supplements​
  • Medicare Advantage
  • Annuities/ IRA's
  • Hospital Indemnity
  • Long Term Care

Because you have better things to do

As independent agents, we are free to work solely in the best interests of our clients, not the insurance companies. Let us navigate the complicated insurance and medicare options to help you find the perfect solution. 

Remington Insurance offers clients guidance in many areas, including:


  • Assisting individuals and Businesses navigating complicated Healthcare options

  • Helping people retire with confidence

  • Collaborating with financial teams to review and protect hard-earned assets

  • Working with individuals and couples to ensure an easy transition from working years to golden years

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"Having been in the Social Services field for many years, I have come to understand that helping people is my passion. When I work with my clients to guide them in their decisions regarding Medicare or retirement, it’s very rewarding. When I am able to educate someone about the complexities of Medicare and make it simple for them to understand, I feel I have done a good job." - Zack Remington

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